Palmer Qwik-Set Mirro-Mastic - 10 oz tube

Palmer Qwik-Set Mirro-Mastic - 10 oz tube

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  • This is the perfect solution for those that want to apply mirror over many different sub straights such as mirror over mirror, mirror on tile and other hard to apply.  Questions about our different mirror mastics contact Rob 815-915-8724
  • *  Ideal for Overlays and Beveled Strips

  • *  Fast Curing

  • *  Permits Trim and Even Face Finishing

  • Palmer QwikSet™ Mirro-Mastic® is a fast curing adhesive mastic formulated for adhering plate glass mirror to various substrates, such as drywall, wood, glass, metal, or tile. QwikSet™ is ideal for mirror-to-mirror overlays, beveled strips, and mirrored furniture. At room temperature (72°F/22°C), QwikSet™ will cure to 80 percent strength in 48 hours. It has a one-year shelf life from the date on the end of the cartridge.