Palmer Mirror Mastic Wall Application Primer - 1 Gallon
Timeless Reflections

Palmer Mirror Mastic Wall Application Primer - 1 Gallon

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Each time I talk to a new customer about tile, I tell them about the importance of priming or painting the area BLACK so the wall shows no gaps.  Timeless Reflections is now offering the best alternative possible for a perfect install.  Palmers Mirro-Mastic Bond is a primer which is black in color and is made to seal walls and work with either the Palmer line or Gunther line of mirror mastics.  If you are doing a back splash under 250-325 sf then this is plenty to coat your job (in most cases its enough).

Palmer Mirro-Mastic® Bond is made specifically to seal porous wall surfaces prior to application of CRL Palmer Mirro-Mastic®. Use it to prime walls of wood, concrete, drywall, concrete block or brick before you apply Mirro-Mastic®. Apply with a brush or roller. It penetrates and seals walls, giving the best possible surface for mirror installations.