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How to calculate the number of Antique Mirror Glass subway tiles you will need for your project

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO CALCULATE HOW MANY TILES YOU WILL NEED The information below is a EXAMPLE using a GENERIC sized area, you can calculate your area with this same formulation: THESE ARE 4" X 8" SUBWAY TILES Example area:  78"wide x 18"tall (this is the measured area of the example back splash) THERE ARE 4.5 SUBWAY TILES PER SQ FOOT Once your have your area multiply the width x height this will give you the square inches of the area that you are working with:  In the example you multiply 78 x 18 = 1404 sq inces In order to calculate the total sq feet you take the sq inches (in this example) 1404 and divide...

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Cutting 4" x 8 Subway Tiles

When you are looking to get a consistent 4" x 8" subway tile, this is how we do it.  We have cut 10's of thousands of these tiles with a large amount of easy to do installs. GET YOUR TILES ORDERED TODAY AND KNOW YOUR BUYING THE BEST!

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